Walk with us

For Pat, pictured above as she walks with her friend Geoffrey, having an arm to hold and a wide, level surface under her feet really matters.

Walk along with us and see how essential repairs and adaptations – not just underfoot but across our shared spaces and buildings – will help Pat, Geoffrey and others in our communities keep walking through life with independence, opportunity and dignity.

With nine communities to take care of, there’s so much we must do! Let us show you.

'I walk to where I work. If the path is bumpy, it isn't safe. You could fall over.' Martin.

  Walk across Botton and you'll notice that
  getting around on two feet is a sociable

  and healthy feature of life in Botton. The
  footpaths connect everyone in the village.
  Would you help keep them in good repair?
  Every year, they suffer damage from the North
  Yorkshire weather. The damp makes paving
  stones slippery with moss. Ice cracks and lifts
  paved surfaces and tarmac.

  Increasingly, we also need to widen certain 
  paths and paved areas, to help older residents
  like Pat (left) maintain their mobility. 'I have
  to hold a person's arm when I walk', she 
  explains. 'And soon, I'm getting a wheelchair'.

Esther likes making roast dinners - but the oven can be temperamental!

  Step into Delrow House at Lunchtime and 
  Zara will be busy in the kitchen; it's her day
  to cook. 'I'm doing lunch and supper today',
  she says. Last year, she and her housemates
  Rowan, Rachel, Nick, Esther (right) decided
  to take on more responsibility for preparing
  shared meals. They've got a rota and everyone's
  skills and confidence have grown. Now only a
  little support is needed to put a meal on the

Your gift could give their ancient kitchen a much needed helping hand. Everything is worn out from years of use. And the higgledy-piggledy layout prevents people from working side by side to prepare food and tidy up.

An easy-to-access bathroom can make the difference between dependence and dignity.

  Life’s journey brings changes. With age,
  things we once did can become challenging.
  Adaptations at home can make a big difference.
  For many older people in our communities, an
  accessible bathroom comes top of the list.
  Converting some traditional three-piece 
  bathroom suites to modern, accessible bathrooms
  with showers will help maintain dignity and
  independence for our older residents, and help
  support more people who have complex needs.

Help us take good care

  Stepping back to look at the bigger picture,
  we have 300 properties with shared communal
  areas that we must take good care of. From
  communal spaces that need redecorating, to
  thousands of window frames to paint and
  protect from further weather damage - by any
  standard that's quite a challenge. But it's even
  more so when every penny has to be raised.


Please, will you help? By helping maintain the shared aspects of our communities, your gift will support independence and opportunities for people with learning disabilities. 


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