The heart of our community
Save our hall

The heart of our community

‘I remember when the Hall opened - 28th September 1975. We had an international Eurhythmy performance, scenes from the Tempest by Shakespeare, and Michaelmas celebrations. That was 39 years ago. Now the Hall really needs to be upgraded.’

‘It would be great to get the Hall done’, says Mark. ‘Our Hall makes everything complete. It’s just for whatever people want to do. Plays, music, talks, games, discos. Without the Hall, it would be empty here. We’d have no culture.’

Why we must renew Tourmaline Hall

Tourmaline Hall is the one place in our community where we can all gather together. It’s where we celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. It’s big enough to play host to lots of visitors when we have our annual Summer Fair, but it’s also our calm, quiet space for group classes, our Speech Choir, Eurhythmy and spiritual reflection. We don’t know how we’d manage without it.

It’s where we bake our daily bread

Our Bakery is very important to the whole community. ‘Thursday is Pizza Day’, explains Harriet. ‘We find out which houses want pizzas. Then we make them and give them out. They’re really nice pizzas – I think they’re better than Pizza Hut.’ 

Our plan to save our gem of a Hall

Through careful use of precious repair funds, we’ve kept Tourmaline Hall in use to date. But the time has come for a comprehensive overhaul, for which we must raise a considerable sum of money.

1 Make the building more accessible

Making the Hall fully accessible to people who use walkers and wheelchairs is a necessity for a community like ours. Building a new entrance and foyer will make space inside for accessible loos; currently there are none. We’ll also create level wheelchair access to the Coffee Bar, the patio and the stage door. 

2 Dry out the damp

Damp is a problem throughout the Hall. We can dry it out by removing a dilapidated retaining wall and then digging out the bank a bit to get air circulating, but to properly banish the damp we must also repair insulation and put in a new ventilation system. 

3 Renew the electrics

Except for the stage lighting, Tourmaline Hall needs a complete rewire to ensure it continues to meet safety standards.

4 Update the fire alarm 

We also need to install a modern fire detection system and upgrade the fire safety features through the building.

5 Fix the heating and drains

The Hall desperately needs a new boiler. And although the trees around it are beautiful, the drains need repairing and protecting from their roots.

With your help we can make the repairs that are so urgently needed and keep the heart of our community thriving for generations to come.

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