A Larchfield Christmas Carol
A Larchfield Christmas Carol

'God bless Us, Every One'

When we remember Christmases past, we remember the pioneering spirit that created our community. It’s in this spirit (and with all due acknowledgement and respect to Charles Dickens!) that we present our tale and ask for your generosity to help us build our future.

Larchfield past

With a tumbledown house, two caravans and a tent the only shelter, the first Larchfield Christmas in 1986 was a triumph of determination over adversity. Our tiny group of founder members had only arrived a few months before. But they were already working hard to support adults with learning disabilities. Word spread – and the list of people wanting to join the community grew. Soon, more accommodation was desperately needed to meet demand. When friends generously stepped in to help build Teyva House (still in use today), it was a godsend.

Larchfield present

Today nearly 40 people have a place to learn, contribute their skills and develop friendships at Larchfield. We grow organic food, make wonderful bread, cakes and crafts, and welcome members of the public to enjoy it all at our Wheelhouse shop and café. But once again, we are severely limited by our lack of housing. We need homes that are accessible for older people, for those ready for more independence and for those waiting for a place who need round the clock support. Can we meet such a wide range of needs and hopes? Yes, if you’ll send a gift today.

Larchfield future

Your gift will help build a new ‘mini-community’ of little flats at Larchfield. Joined together in a horseshoe shape round a central garden, they will give people the personal level of space and support they need, without losing that feeling of being a part of a family and community that cares. Altogether, your kindness will help ten more people to come to live at Larchfield soon.

Strength and hope

Developing our potential. Supporting each other. And doing our best to grow, so that we can welcome more people to join us. That is what life at Larchfield has always been about. Our ‘mini-community’ is the next step.     We hope you will help us make it happen.


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