Exceptional People
Exceptional Support for Exceptional People

Every member of our community has something unique to offer. With the right support, they can contribute so much.

Taking the Time to Listen and Learn

No two people in our communities have the same support needs. So getting to know each individual is vital. Getting to know each other means that we can find the right mix of practical support, encouragement and opportunities for each unique person. And when you get that right, everyone can achieve their full potential. 

But government funding doesn’t cover the costs of all our work. It’s thanks to our supporters that we can continue providing all our workshops and activities, and the person-centred care which means that each individual gets the right support, no matter how their needs and ambitions grow or change. Please read on, and Carolyn, Simon and Florance will tell you in their own words why your support means so much.

This Christmas, we’d like to share the stories of some remarkable people and what your support means to them. Below is an extract from our Christmas Appeal but to learn more about the Exceptional People in our Communities please download our LEAFLET.

Flexible and responsive to people’s need

Carolyn lives at the Beehive, a house specially adapted for less mobile people. But after a spell in hospital last year, her support needs increased, and Carolyn was facing the prospect of having to move to a care home.

Extra support when it’s needed most

The Croft team were determined that this fiercely independent lady shouldn’t have to leave her home. ‘We arranged additional support after her discharge from hospital - including night waking support - so that she could get back to the life she loves’ explains Stuart, the Croft’s manager. Carolyn is once again enjoying all the activities she took part in before her hospital stay. ‘Gabi is helping me bake a cake this afternoon. I go to the weavery once a week, and the knitting group at the café. And on Saturdays I go out to town with a key worker.

'I really enjoy having my own independence, my own sort of life'

Like any 25 year old, Simon hasn’t much time to stop and chat. ‘I work every day’ he explains. ‘On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I’m at the butchers. I work in the bakery on a Thursday morning and on Thursday afternoon I do my finances or clean my flat. On Friday I work in the coffee bar all day.’ But it’s not all about work. Simon enjoys an active social life and regular trips out of Botton Village. ‘Every week I go to the gym and to a disco in Middlesbrough for people with disabilities. I think that’s important, meeting people outside the community.’

The right support at the right time

For Simon, this means leading the life he wants, ‘I have some help doing my cooking. And if I’m going out, my support workers drive me wherever I’m going.’ If I wasn’t in a Camphill Village Trust place I wouldn’t have the life I have. A lot of other disabled people don’t have opportunities to make their own decisions the way I can.’

Feeling connected. Building confidence. Knowing your contribution is valued. This is how we build a sense of belonging. This is what makes a community. Thank you for being a part of it.


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