A gift from one generation to the next

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Facing the future
A gift from one generation to the next

If you’d like to make a lasting difference to the lives of people in our communities, a gift in your Will is a wonderful way to do it.

Touching lives for many years to come

Catherine has lived at Botton Village for many years, gaining confidence as she develops her weaving skills at her own pace. Younger members of our communities - like Tom who loves getting online with CVT Connect, and Guy, who’s keen to learn more about computer animation - may have more ‘modern’ ambitions, but they too need our support to fulfil their potential.

Facing the future

It’s an unfortunate reality that state funding for social care is declining, and further cuts are possible. But thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we can cover the shortfall, enabling people like Catherine, Tom and Guy to lead fulfilled and productive lives. Legacy gifts play a significant part in helping this happen.

There are children growing up wth a learning disability today who may need our support in future to achieve their aspirations. We’re determined that Camphill Village Trust will be ready, supporting the next generation to shape their own lives in the way they choose.

Something to consider

We know that taking care of your family and friends must come first when planning your affairs. But when you’ve done this, we would be so grateful for any gift in your Will that you might consider as your legacy of friendship to the communities of the Camphill Village Trust.

We value your privacy, and there’s no need to let us know if you’re leaving us a gift in your Will. But if you’d like further information on how to go about it, you can contact Fran Bogg at the Camphill Family Appeals Office on 01287 661294.