Good neighbours in Gloucestershie

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Community Lunch
Good neighbours in Gloucestershie

We all feel more ‘at home’ if we get to know the people who live nearby. Our communities of Oaklands Park and The Grange are just three miles apart, and there’s plenty of coming and going between the two.

Now people who live at the two communities are going the extra mile to be neighbourly. Weekly get-togethers are giving people the chance to visit and get to know each other. Every Monday and Tuesday, The Grange host a community lunch for friends from Oaklands Park. And on Wednesdays the folk at Oaklands Park welcome visitors from The Grange in return.

A real team effort

Sharing a meal is a lovely way to get to know new friends, but there’s more to it than that. With between 20 and 50 people sitting down together every time,  there’s lots of preparation to be done. The first task is menu planning, wherever possible using home grown produce from the two communities. Will the courgettes be ready for the main course this week? And shall we use apples or berries - or both - in the dessert? And of course, everyone has a job to do - whether it’s chopping vegetables, setting the tables, serving food or taking out the compost.

Building bridges and links

‘It’s a scramble getting it all ready in time, but sharing a meal brings us all together’ says Clare, the Day Opportunities Manager. ‘It means people who live in the communities and people who come to workshops can chat and get to know each other. And if family members are visiting, they can join us too.’