Recycling hero

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Recycling hero

Of course, the mainstay of recycling is having a day in, day out commitment to doing it – as Alex does. He makes a valued contribution to his household at Grange Village by ensuring that everything that can be recycled finds its way to the right place.

Dealing with the food waste from the kitchen is easy: Alex is a farmer, near the garden where the compost is made. ‘There are two wheelie bins for food waste there’, he says.

Then there’s the glass and tins. ‘I take them from our house down to the recycling bins near the office. Sometimes there’s a lot of them. Sometimes not so much.’

All the rest has to go elsewhere. ‘The council doesn’t collect plastic so it has to go to the White Hart pub – they’ve got a bin for it. The cardboard goes up the road to Coleford where there’s a recycling bin at the dump.

‘Since I started living at Orchard House I have always done the recycling.

I used to do it at Cherry when I lived there. I came to Grange Village in 1993 so that’s twenty years.

‘I don’t mind it. Recycling is good because you can make things again. The recycled paper turns into toilet paper. Bottles can make new bottles.’